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Crib Bumpers – Should You Use Them

Related imageParents have various choices to make just about every day when it comes to their baby or toddler. For parents who want their child to rest in their own crib, there is an additional choice that has to be made: Should they mount and use a crib bumper? Crib bumpers have created quite a bit of debate in recent years and there is a large section of the parenting population who believe that they are not safe and pose a major safety and security risk to infants and toddlers.

Crib bumpers started being used numerous years ago prior to there was any kind of guidelines on crib manufacturing. The issue was that now babies were at danger of suffocation or also strangulation due to the crib bumpers. There were documented situations where a youngster was surrounded when their face became pushed versus the bumper and likewise situations where a kid was strangled when a bumper connection came loosened and obtained wound around a youngster’s neck.

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